Thursday, April 16, 2015

Set the Tone with Flooring

Different types of flooring can set the stage for the whole room...
and we are knee deep in selecting options for our new build projects!

Let's start with Exhibit A : The Bedroom! Once you've selected what stage you will set with your floor, the rest will fall into place.

Here are 5 ways to kick start your most restful room.

1. Go soft with silk: You can't go wrong with a cloud like texture beneath your toes. This will give the room a relaxed, comfortable sense of style

2. Warm up with wood: For a more refined, clean and sharp look, we choose wood. This will also give the space a warm glow with the color of wood.

3. Add a pop with colorful rug: When the room starts to become monochrome, we add a colorful rug to separate the tones.

4. Weave texture with sisal: For a more natural, earthy style, the sisal or jute rug can be used. This brings the outdoors in and feel almost like a retreat or spa atmosphere.

5. Be refined yet weathered: Wanting to feel comfortable yet not completely put together? This look is for you. A rough painted wood floor transforms the style of this room.

What do YOU choose for your style and look? 
How do you step out of your bed each morning?

Tuesday, April 14, 2015

Perfectly Patterned - Houndstooth

Pattern Focus -- The age old pattern of Houndstooth

It is a 19th century creation coming from Scotland, 
where it was originally worn by sheepherders!
(that's your history blurb for the day ;)

Houndstooth jumped into the fashion land in the early 20th century and 
has been going strong ever since! 
Here are a few reasons why and where to use it in your everyday life and home!

1. Go Big: We love the oversized houndstooth. The large graphic pattern is a nice addition to any room of solid colors to help liven it up.

2. Upholstery - Tight and Fitted: Houndstooth looks best when it is tightly upholstered so the pattern can be stretched evenly over the furniture piece.

3. Walls in Small Doses: This pop of houndstooth backsplash turns this whole room upside down. In small spaces, use this bold pattern!!

4. Pillows and Accessories: Many times, it's easiest to find this pattern in small pillows or trays in accessory pieces to add a punch of pattern to the space.

Houndstooth YOUR house!! And use our tips!

Tuesday, April 7, 2015

Fun Features in Family Rooms

Bring the FUN into your family room!

We always like to incorporate meaningful things into spaces for our clients, and it's even better when its something fresh, new and unique!

We like to research new and different ideas often so we can throw out fun ideas for clients and see if we can get a bite
Here are a few of our favorites from our latest round of searching!

1. Custom family mural. 
This can be traditional or modern! However you plan it out! Incorporating each family member into the mural can be very special and fun at the same time!


2. Family travel world map:
We love this. Painting a world map onto the wall and marking each place the family visits.


3. The trusty "chalkboard wall":
While you may have seen this idea before, we like how this room echoes the black and white design throughout and the chalkboard wall just easily flows into the design.


4. Lively Artwork and Unique Lighting:
This room without the art and lighting would be an otherwise ordinary room. But with one splash of bright art and a large open light, the room comes to life.

Call us to find out what we can throw into YOUR family room to liven it up!!

Thursday, April 2, 2015

Off the Wall Accents in Honor of April Fools Day (yesterday!)

Hope you played a good April Fools joke on someone yesterday ;)

In case you didn't -- Here's a few strange accessories and design items that will throw everyone for a loop! (just giving you a heads start for next year!)

We like to throw out the unexpected ... and sometimes, yes it catches our clients off guard. 
And we love it! 

(Notice anything strange going on here?? Hint hint ... sssssssnake)
See more of this TCI project HERE!

Off the Wall Accent #1:
Whoopsy Lamp

Off the Wall Accent #2:
Txt U Tumblers

Off the Wall Accent #3:
Noir Buddha Chair

Off the Wall Accent #4:
Unzipped Glass Bowl

Off the Wall Accent #5:
Jean Pockets Square

Off the Wall Accent #6:
Mustache Cabinet Pull

Off the Wall Accent #7:
Bubble Gum Paper Weight

APRIL FOOLS -- Who says you can't extend the holiday one day ;) ??

Tuesday, March 31, 2015

Spring and Easter Tablescape Ideas

As the sun is starting to shine more often and the temps continue to rise ... 
spring is definitely in the air!

We found a few of our favorite colorful and happy centerpieces and table decor ideas from around the web ... take a look and take note if you are hosting a family luncheon this Easter Sunday!

1. The rustic, natural look: Bringing a woodsy feel to your table gives it a sense of comfort and ease. Toping it off with fresh flower and easter eggs bring it to a festive spirit.

2. Clean, simple and homemade: Something hand crafted is always special to the 
heart and beautiful on the table.

3. Shapes and characters: Why not add a bunny shaped napkin fold to your plate decor?!

4. An unusual but familiar icon: Instead of using the usual bunny rabbit, go with a fun 
and new icon... a spring bird!

5. Bright and Airy: Branches and pastels are always a positive point in spring and bringing that together with fresh springs and white ceramics is a stunning combo.

Happy Spring and good luck in table decorating this week ! ;)

Thursday, March 26, 2015

Unique Wall Decor with a Sneak Peek of New Projects

 Lately we have been busy busy photographing projects! And we can't wait to share them!
But for today, we shall leave you with a few sneak peeks ;) Just to tease you!

Something we have been focusing on is adding uniqueness to our clients walls. We like to have conversations starters in new places. What are some ways we do that??

1. Glass plates - these add depth and color to walls in ways framed art can't!

2. Dimensional Blocks: This is a great geometric way to create order to a 
room without adding color chaos.

3. Texture: Combining wood and metal medias in different ways and pieces bring 
interest to an ordinary wall.

4. Acrylic antlers: Do these even need an explanation? HOW beautiful.

5. Metal Spheres: With dimension upon dimension, these metal discs create an asymmetrical appearance on an otherwise large empty wall that brings interest 
to this television wall.

Give us a call if you'd like interest added to YOUR wall!

Tuesday, March 24, 2015

Finding the Bohemian in Design

A design trend that we have been seeing spark lately is the
"bohemian" style in many ways.

Before we even knew it, we had created our own little seemingly bohemian room for my 17 year old daughter! See HERE for the full post on this surprise!

But what IS "bohemian" really? And how do you channel it??
We have a few tips to get you in the know on this new trend!

1. Embrace the botanicals:
Succulents, wildflowers, you name it. Bring these inside to celebrate all day long.

2. Don't be afraid of textiles:
Mix, match, and don't match all at the same time!!

3. Create a focal point and curate:
Figure out a small area to feature something unique and different, and create a story for it.

4. Bring the indoors out:
We always say bring the outdoors in .. but in this case ... open your indoors to the beautiful outside!!

Step out and be different. Thats what design is all about ;)


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