Thursday, February 4, 2016

The Ultimate Teen Hangout

When you're a teen ... a space is everything. 

A place to "hang", dream, imagine and invite friends! And what more could you want but to have that place in your own home??

We have completed a few of these "teen hang outs" and want to share our top 3 tips for creating a space your teen will love. Check out the rooms designed by TCI below as well!

1. One unique statement furniture piece:
Having that cool stool, or floating chair, or banquette style sofa --- is more "cool" than the parent's even realize. It's the little things ;)

2. Pillows, pillows and more pillows:
These add comfort, color and the kids can throw them around without damaging ANYTHING 

3. Bring the walls to life:
Whether it's through wallpaper or a statement art piece, the walls speak volumes and teens LOVE that.

Do you have a teen in your life?!?! CALL US!

Tuesday, February 2, 2016

Copper Craze of 2016

What's the newest, hottest metal of 2016??


We've been incorporating copper throughout our designs in unique and fun ways!
 This fun and new project has unlimited places to add in this metal!

It can be used in furniture, lighting, appliances, accessories and much more. We love the new color it brings to the table ... not gold, but a more muted COPPER.

Here are a few places and spaces we think YOU can incorporate COPPER:
In everyday utensils!!

Lighting is one of our favorite places --

But how can you top bath fixtures and plumbing? Swoon.....

Yet ... this tops it all. An entire copper range and hood. WOW

This beautiful arching floor lamp screams grace and beauty ... 

Instead of the expected polished nickel on a wood and metal table ... why not choose copper for the unexpected?

Have we converted you yet??

Thursday, January 28, 2016

27th Annual Arts Awards

Hello! We love to share company highlights with you as well as 
helpful tips and here is our latest! 
It is such an honor and privilege for me to have been nominated by industry peers in the Interior Designer category for the 27th Annual Arts Awards. The gala was held last weekend and I was one of four world wide interior designers selected as a finalist. Behind the scenes, I worked diligently to create a presentation to show my work over my career, and it was culminated by this celebration.
The event was seriously like the Academy Awards ;) for the home furnishings industry and I was thrilled to have my three incredible children by my side as well as my uber talented TCI team

It's been a long road and it's my tribe that gives me so much support- thank you.
 A top notch event- 
Bravo to the Arts Awards Committee and the Dallas Market Center!

Included in my submission presentation, I showcased how a kitchen design was inspired by personal items belonging to our client. Creating beautiful design is ONE thing. Creating a beautiful design that actually means something to you is a completely different story. 
Here at TCI, we strive to incorporate YOUR memories within the design by using important items in special places.
How do we do that?? Check out these tips of how we have implemented this thought process in a few recent projects.
In this new construction build, we gathered inspiration from a china place setting that the client loved and owned for years. We incorporated the colors and lines into the kitchen color scheme as well as the backsplash and tile design.

And in the end, a stunning result showcasing their wedding gift!

This is a VERY recent project that you are getting a special sneak peek at right here in our blog!
In this gorgeous home, we incorporated the client's collectors art and framed window in a layered effect on the mantel 
as it would be a focal point in the room.

On this custom server, we placed a few of her favorite accessories ... our client's scales, framed art and tea pot that she has collected over the years.

So don't be afraid to use YOUR items in new and different ways. They too can be beautiful in an updated and unique WAY!

Tuesday, January 26, 2016

Wallpaper Fanatics and the Dallas Morning News

Thank YOU to Dallas Morning News for featuring a quote from TCI on wallpaper and how it CAN be the newest fav!

We love to add wallpaper in unexpected places!!

This ceiling was boring prior to US getting ahold of it with some amazing wallpaper for this pool bath!

Where could YOU use wallpaper??

Friday, January 22, 2016

Simple Flowers for a Modern Space

Many people may think that flowers are "out of style" .... or "traditional".... but we say NO!
If you use the RIGHT flowers in the correct way, you can accomplish things accessories just can't. 

Here are some of our favorite foliage for a contemporary setting, and HOW to use them correctly!

This little bud is not only adorable button add just the right about of color in a small vase, or series of vases.

Yep, we aren't kidding! This "flower" provides texture without distracting with color. Bundle several sticks together for a full, space-taking-up pop!

We love this huge flower. On a floor, or in a giant vase, it screams "HELLO" in a beautiful way.

We recently used this floral as a styling device that stood out as unique, and NEW. Place in a bowl or bunch together in a vase.

Simple and classic. These are minimal buds and we love the simplistic look they give off. Clear glass vases are the best way to get your money's worth on this guy.

Split-leaf philodendron:
Yes, that's a tongue twister -- but well worth it. One or two of these leaves will leave you happy and excited to view a floral any day.

Similar to the first flower, we love this for it's round, simplistic shape and color. But the large bud this time makes for an extra special surprise!

Tuesday, January 19, 2016

Client Project: A Neutral Master Bedroom with a POP

Every room we design is fun and unique for its own reasons ... but Master Bedrooms are always a blast to design because it is a space so special and close to the client's heart. 

A master bedroom is a place many people spend most of their time, and each person has their own reasons for wanting it special. 
Some want it "spa like", some want it "calming" .... maybe "relaxing", "clutter-free", or "clean" is a word you would use to describe it?

Well, whatever you'd like to call it, here is our latest and greatest master bedroom designed for a fabulous client.

With a neutral color scheme and a pop of rose color throughout the space, we chose a trellis patterned wallpaper with a beautiful sheen for the headboard wall as an accent ... and then decided to add a pop of this beautiful wallpaper along the lines of the vaulted ceiling to outline the uniqueness of this space.

A custom upholstered headboard sets the stage for a grand focal point in the room. Flanking this beautiful king size bed are two pairs of artwork that bring the rose, cream and peach color scheme together.

Many people love a cozy corner, and this comfortable arm chair and ottoman make the perfect addition to a beautiful room!

Custom casegoods throughout this room add another level of texture, wood and beauty to each wall. The painted dresser and nightstands bring a new color into the space that creates a calm depth that the client desired.

Bedding can make a space ... and in this circumstance, these custom pillows turn heads and scream comfort in so many ways.

Are you ready to create a new oasis in your Master Bedroom? Let us know today!

Thursday, January 14, 2016

Welcome to the New Year - Go Clutter-Free

There's an endless amount of new years resolutions you can choose from -- 
but this one is worth it for so many reasons.

Going clutter-free is something that will both benefit you, the others around you, and will for a long time!

Here's a few reasons WHY from around the web--

1. Create free time:
With less around you, there is LESS to do

2. Spend less money:
When you don't need to fill up your countertops -- there is automatically less to buy

3. Feel more calm:
With endless amounts of piles, you feel stressed. When there aren't piles ... calmness ensues.

4. Get better sleep:
I don't know about y'all, but I sleep better when i know things are in their place and picked up.

5. Sit down without having to move something:
Enough said ... DONE!

Start now -- YOU CAN DO IT!


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