Thursday, May 21, 2015

Project Preview: A Soft and Serene Boy Nursery

We recently had the pleasure to design a sweet little boy's nursery for a past client.
AND WE can't wait to share the preview with you!!

We presented a more bold scheme and a calmer "soft" scheme. 

She chose .......
The SOFT Scheme!

 With a calming blue, cream, and sage green ... we bounced these colors around the room in many places as well as pulled an icon of rabbits into the artwork.

Some of our favorite aspects of the room will be the birch tree wallpaper and wooden statement chandelier. The 4 poster crib was an easy decision to make a focal point on the most important function in the space.

Bringing beige, and a woodsy feel to the natural room was an easy addition to turn this room into the perfect home for this sweet little boy.

And lastly, we pulled in a second color ... sage green, to offset the blue and give this room a punch of "different"
Looking forward to seeing this room come together full circle!! And of course... meeting the sweet boy who will call this room his home. ;)

Tuesday, May 19, 2015

Sun Kissed Sunrooms ... a Summer Project

Summer is on the way!! If you live here in Texas, you know it gets hot ... and not enjoyable.
But we have a way to make it a little more enjoyable.

A Sunroom!
We've put together a few tips on how to create the best and most comfortable sunroom for your summer play ... read on to find out!

1. Utilize Windows: Make sure furniture against windows have low backs and great views through the open windows in a sunroom. The windows MAKE a sunroom.

2. Hanging light fixtures. While windows bring in all the daylight necessary for a sunroom, nighttime can be just as romantic in a sunroom! With a unique hanging fixture, you can add interest to the ceiling and lighting all in one!

3. Add Drapery: Drapery softens everything. Whether it is a roman shade or traversing outdoor panels, this can add color, texture and class to your sunroom instantly

4. Use the sunroom as a multifunctional space. Not only does it have to be used as a sitting area with sofas and pillows, it can easily be used as a dining space as well!

5. Look UP - The ceiling can be one of the most interesting parts of a sunroom, Because it is "different" and not a normal part of the home, many times the ceiling can be painted, wood slats added or even designed!

6. Neutral can be good too. Having soft and monochrome colors can be a calming vision for a room that you sip your morning tea and read the Sunday paper in.

Now, who wants to start a summer remodel project and add on a sunroom??

Thursday, May 14, 2015

Me on TV? "Man Cave" .... or "She Shed" ??

Somehow I got on several producers lists of potential reality show candidates...
Offers to be on...
Dating shows, Lifestyle reality shows but mostly Design related.

I sometimes refer to my design firm as the female version
of Flipping Out... starring Jeff Lewis...and I'd love to take a stab,
but seriously lack the time.

The last offer is described below... a cool idea for sure!

We've all heard of "man caves" ... and we've even designed our fair share of them!

But what about a space for the women?? A little slice of paradise for ourselves to get away and sip some wine, read a good book, or just be quiet??

Well, Retale Blog out there came up with quiet the invention, and it's turning into one of our favs.

The "She-Shed".

Every girl needs one ... we've decided. 
Here's why:

- He can play video games ... you'll be growing flowers

- Football game vs rustic candlelight dinner with the girls

- Poker games vs private yoga lessons

- Sipping wine and reading a book on a summer night

- Enjoying nature on a quiet Sunday

- For dreamy naps and mimosas

- For the beach ... no other explanation needed.

- Lets just say cars don't belong in this garage

- You have your Man Cave ... I'll take my She-Shed!

Tuesday, May 12, 2015

Eye Popping Powder Rooms

Powder Rooms are the jewel box of each home .. or CAN be! 

We love to complete a powder bath project, as many times the before and after become some of our favorites! 
Be sure to click the link of the pictures to see more of each 
TCI project featured in today's blog post!

They can be the hidden treasure ... If used to their full potential!! 
Today we will tell you HOW to bring the bathroom to its full potential!

1. Unique Vessel Sink:
The sink will be used by everyone, make it something to talk about!!


2. Accent Wallpaper used with Pop of Ceiling Paint:
We love to wallpaper powder baths, but even more, we like to bring in color from
 the other rooms in mysterious ways!

3. Accent Wall Tile and Floating Vanity:
Fill the back wall behind the vanity with an accent mosaic tile! And by building a 
floating vanity, the tile can be seen from all angles

4. Unique Light Fixtures:
Lighting is always key. Find something that fits your personality and style.

5. Wallpaper on Ceiling:
Make people look UP. Interest is key.

How do you want to change up your "hidden treasure" in your home?!

Thursday, May 7, 2015

Birch Wood Becoming Bold

Traditionally, the wood stain or color of choice would have been dark ... bold, rich, and heavy.

While beautiful in it's own way ... a newer, brighter, lighter wood is making an appearance!


Are you wondering what you should do in YOUR house?? 
Here are a few tips of why a lighter appearance might be the way to go!!

1: A natural, organic feel is what is accomplished when we put this type of 
wood to the test.
2: It can help to tie together other contemporary features throughout a space. In this home, it is spread throughout the kitchen in the floor, countertops, and cabinets for a cohesive look.
3: By using birch wood, you can create a "rustic" look without becoming too "rustic"
More of a modern rustic
4: If you use birch wood to its full potential, you can almost create art pieces by making new wall divisions.
5: Contrast can be accentuated with birch wood as the 
beauty of this wood is the light color.
6: Lastly, a completely different type of use ... using it in the raw
Birch branches as accents and art.
How will YOU make BIRCH ... BOLD?

Tuesday, May 5, 2015

Blush - The Newest Hot Color for our new Master Bedroom Project!

soft, yet bold

This is our current favorite trend and we are more than excited to put it to use in a Master Bedroom project! By mixing it with grays and creams, 
this color scheme is sure to be a hit.

The artwork grouping from Wendover Art is the perfect fit to bring all the colors together to form this perfect palette! A hand painted chest from John Richards also pulls out this blush color in the slightest fashion.

One way we like to show our clients what their end product will look like, is by creating an elevation of the wall/s that we are designing. In this presentation, we included clips of fabric and finishes to help paint the picture even better.

As you can see, this color scheme of blush, creams, and grays is coming to culmination...
 and we are loving it!

To give you a few visuals of blush projects in a finished formats, we picked a few from around Houzz to feature!!

We love this mix of gold and blush:

A bathroom and mix of white and blush makes for a gorgeous, girlie bath.

By updating the lines and furniture in this room, an old color scheme can look new with this blush and gray pop.

What a gorgeous up and coming color. We want to hear how YOU plan to use it!!

Thursday, April 30, 2015

Artwork .... or TV?!?!


This is the question ... many people don't want to have a giant TV over their fireplace at all times, so our client had other plans for this area!!

By using Stealth Acoustics product, this TV is now hidden behind a beautiful art piece! You can create a custom piece, perfect for your design and space, to be the focal point of your mantel or fireplace wall. INSTEAD of a TV

The Art piece is front and center during times the TV is not being watched ... but when you are ready to turn on the game, or your favorite show .... with the click of a button the artwork begins to slide up and reveal a TV behind!

This was a "BEFORE" pic of our client's fireplace wall. WOW.

While the video clip still shows an "in progress" look, it has come a long way since day 1!! We look forward to revealing this whole house and 
the finished product once it is completed!


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