Thursday, December 18, 2014

TCI Reveals: Modern Christmas Accessories and Last Minute Gift Ideas!

 We've all seen our fair share of tacky Christmas decorations... 
however, this might be my favorite:

(I mean... really?!?!)

In order to weed out the Santa-toilets of the world...(lord help us) 
we are sharing our favorite holiday decor picks!!


Our Favorite Christmas Trees:
From metal, to fabric, to glass ... you can create a new spin on the traditional pine tree.

Our Favorite Reindeer:
The metallic accessories are always eye catching but who can 
pass up a natural driftwood piece as well?

 Our Favorite Snowflakes and Bells
Your Christmas decorations wouldn't be complete without a little chime from a bell or sparkle from a snowflake!

Be sure to light your favorite scent before the holiday guests arrive ;)
Have you gotten all your gifts on the list yet?!
 If not, here are a few "unexpected" gift ideas from Jonathan Adler that we LOVE.

Merry - Countdown - To - Christmas!!

Tuesday, December 16, 2014

3 Ways to Make a Wrapping Statement

Each year the dreaded WRAPPING creeps up on me. I hide the presents in the back of the closet for weeks (or i'm late christmas shopping and don't even have to hide them) and then all of the sudden... 
I have to WRAP!

I always have the high hopes of using my creative side to make the gifts seem like little pieces of art each year. I like them to look and feel special. 
Even though they will only get ripped to shreds. 
It's the momma's thought that counts right?!

So here are a few ways a fun blog called Three Little Crowns came up 
with to dress your presents the right way!

Organic and Earth Inspired:
What's the hottest wrapping trend of the year?? Something quite simple. Using household items to make your gifts elegant and timeless. It's a simple look thats sure to please everyone!!
What do you need?
- Brown paper
- Twine
- Fresh rosemary
- Pine leaves
- Other items that work well are pinecones, berries and burlap

Pretty and Chic:
This style is more of a gender specific, but perfect for the special women in your life.
Get ready to blow your mom's socks off this year with this look.
What do you need?
- gift wrap from Indigo
- Light pink embroidery floss

Chalkboard Wrap:
I mean... really? This is the best invention yet. You can do WHATEVER you want with it. You can draw christmas characters for kids or formal art for your grandma.
And everyone will walk away not wanting to open this guy.
What do you need?
- Chalkboard wrapping paper from Michaels
- Twine
- Chalk Pen (gotta have this! Chalk doesn't work. This will allow for precision and stickability)

Happy Holiday Wrapping!!
Share your wrapping success on our Facebook and we will be sure to like it!

Thursday, December 11, 2014

Courtney's New House Journals - and Modern Hearth Ideas

Hi TCI Readers! Courtney Here--
Welcome to our home...
We have WALLS!
 (the entryway looking into the family room and the family room looking into the kitchen)

After just a few days, the sheetrock has been hung and brick has been laid. 
One by one this home is coming together!!

(family room)

And now that means I am going to have to start finalizing some decisions....

Lighting...backsplash .... and the current issue ... the hearth stone.

*Because of where our firebox is, we are required to have a hearth by fire code. 
The stone surround is a linear 12x24 vein cut limestone. So for the hearth, I thought it would be interesting to do a  rough-edge natural gray stone slab set on the floor.* 
This has proved harder to find than I thought. BUT i haven't given up hope yet!

Have you considered stone hearths??
Here are a few modern floating stone slab hearth ideas out there that we love:


This one is interesting. The stone is cut and laid in a herringbone pattern...
which blends nicely with its surroundings.

And why not throw in a Christmas hearth to top it all off ;)

Dress up your hearths for Christmas and I will keep you 
posted on what we decide to make ours out of!! (hopefully ..... )

Tuesday, December 9, 2014

Make an Entrance... you know I do!

Your Foyer ....

* It is the beginning of the canvas for your entire home.
* It is the space that sets the tone for the next steps throughout the rooms
* It should be fantastic

We have a few of our top picks to help spice up your foyer for this season ... 
but first, a few Christmas specific ideas!

Keeping your original decor and adding to it with a few pops of Christmas fun. 
A small pine tree, a couple of colored balls and a little addition of white for snow effect always tops it all off!

Finding the perfect garland is always key. 
These pine leaf garlands draped perfectly along the banister with the paper snowflakes in the background make for a beautiful entry staircase.

Now OUR top pics for Entry Decor to spruce up your Foyer!!
A Wreath -- Something out of the ordinary ... something new. 
A driftwood wreath or gold metal wreath. You would be the talk of the neighborhood!

link and link

Why not a fun splash of polka dot under your feet for this holiday season?? 
(Kate Spade anyone!?)

Looking for that perfect piece of furniture to sit upon this winter? 
Why not choose something that will make a statement as your guests enter your home?

link and link

Lighting always brightens.... no pun intended. 
Grab that perfect lamp to adorn your entryway table and your guests
 will be talking about it all night!

Now get to work making that foyer the best on the block! 
(Looking forward to some house party invites after this post ;)))

Thursday, December 4, 2014

DIY Wine Glass Christmas Decor

Tis The Season!!!

The mad rush has officially BEGUN. And if you are like me, you are running around 
trying to think up new and creative ways to use your same-ole same-ole 
decorations that you pull out of the attic each year.

We have a few ideas how to turn an item that you use year-round into a seasonal decoration!


(Now, of course, you may see this clever contraption at my house if things
get too hairy with my to do list....)

However, we want to share 6 of our favorite ideas of how to 
whip up holiday decor and Do IT Yourself:

The Wine-Glass Globe/Candleholder:
This multifunctional idea turns a glass into a gorgeous snow globe AND candlestick!

The Patterned Wine Glass:
If you have a hand for drawing (or know someone that does!), 
this is a simple task to create a beautiful glass.

The Tea-Light Candle Wine Glass Vase:
With a little bit of wire, tea light candles, and faux snow .... tadaa! This creation comes to life!

The Terrarium-Votive Candle Stick Wine Glass:
Who knew a simple stem of holly could turn a gorgeous wine glass into an instant terrarium!
 With the addition of a small votive candle on top,
 this could make the perfect ambiance on your Christmas table.

The Christmas Tree Farm Wine Glass:
Using a simple sheet of scrapbook paper folded in a cone shape around the top of the wine glass, you can create your very own tree farm!!

Lastly - The Snowman Votive Candle Wine Glass
For a little humor and fun... why not dress up your wine glass as a snowman for a festive glow?

Hope these ideas start to get you in the holiday spirits... literally! ;) and just remember...


Tuesday, December 2, 2014

A Day in the Life ... of an Installation

What is an Installation Day:
*Not-Usually Glamorous (don't take pictures of the DESIGNER on installation day!!)
*Need for Snacks
*Multi-tasking (carpenter, maid, designer, .... all in one!)

We get to see THIS:
Become REALITY! 
At this high-rise condo in the Mansion at Turtle Creek, 
we transformed a flat into a warm, inviting home.

The trick about installation day is that our iPhone picture NEVER do justice with the beauty created during this day. SO That is why we have our talented photographer come back after the fact to take the glamorous shots to share.

Until then ... we will give you sneak peeks with the best we could muster .. our high-tech iPhone ;)

Beginning of the DAY:

Like we said -- there's not much "glamour" going on yet ;)

And then all of the sudden THIS happens: 
 What's a designer to do when the windows need washing?! Why not take a pic?

Our long time, trusted art installer, Fred.... We couldn't complete an installation without him! 
.... And of course the pets. All pets seems to love new furniture ;)

See where it all started! 
We are sharing a few of our presentation layouts with sneak peeks of the final product! READ ON!!!!


With a classic color scheme of magentas, grays, taupes and creams with a splash of GOLD, we gave this condo the glamour it deserved.

The gold accessories throughout gave a nice continuity to the space!

Draperies were installed this week and helped to add the "icing to the cake" for this spectacular flat.


Soft blues and jewel tones took over this otherwise 
ordinary master bedroom turning blah into bling!


The stunning magenta pop of velvet in the dining chairs mixed with the bold abstract artwork 
sets the stage for this entire home.

Custom, modern florals brought in the bright and bold colors to the simple, 
yet elegant centerpiece!

Tying in from the living room --- the gorgeous abstract floral 
wallpaper to complete the color concept.


The custom drawn bar paired with stunning hardware and perfectly selected accessories makes this addition to the condo the icing on the cake!

Be on the lookout for the professional pictures in the 
coming months of this gorgeous high-rise install!


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